Nell.  NELL.  I can’t just say their name once.

These were taken during sound check (I love sound checks, by the way) because I’m not one to take photos during a live.  Can you see how bright and glaring the sun was?  Because it was burning hot (I joked that Nell would bring that rain that had been forecast all weekend, but, nope, Nell chased away the clouds instead).

Should I label these?

  1. Jaewon
  2. Junghoon
  3. Jaekyung (every time I tried to photograph him, he’d turn around)
  4. Jongwan (that was the order in which they came out for sound check)
  5. Jaewon, Jongwan
  6. Jaekyung
  7. Junghoon
  8. Jaewon, Jongwan

By the by, I love Jongwan on guitar.  For one because he usually plays on their harder rock songs.  For another because I’ve got one massive weak spot for guitarists and rhythm guitarists in particular.  For another because he just looks damn good with it.

Heh.  So photos now, words later, and it’s 2:23 am, good night!