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Aug 05
[2009.01] paper interview

Jul 31

here’s a translation of the video that was posted earlier!


Q.  How did you get to know Kurzweil?

In the case of Kurzweil, I don’t know the exact year, but, around 2000, I think I got my first Kurzweil, a PC2X.  It’s the same now, but, even back then, Kurzweil made instruments that musicians used a lot, so, after I graduated high school, I thought they were instruments I definitely had to buy, so I think that’s when I first started using Kurzweil.


May 18

Nell 넬 - ‘인어의 별’ (Mermaid’s star), live
(Christmas in Nell’s room 2003)

오늘도 역시 꽃은 위선 속에 피고
비난에 가려 너의 달은 빛을 잃고
사랑이 없는 곳에 이별을 꿈꾸고
바다가 없는 곳에 인어를 꿈꾸네..

Again, today a flower blooms within hypocrisy
Shadowed by faults, your moon loses its light
In a place that lacks love, a star dreams
In a place without seas, a mermaid dreams..

249 plays

May 02

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Mar 14
[14.03.01] drunken talk

Mar 08

bana-jm-yt said: Out of all the instruments that they have do you know what is the favourite instrument of each member? They really really have a lot of instruments! ;")

i don’t know the answer to this question; can i offer you a story instead?

in the making dvd from the trace, there’s an interview part, and, in it, they talk about performing at summer sonic in japan in 2008.  in relation to that, they also briefly discuss how things are different music-wise in japan versus korea — jong-wan says that he does envy that about japan, that it’s set up to help musicians more and give them better access to a wider variety of (and maybe even to better) instruments.  it can be hard to find what he wants in korea, to be able to capture the sound he wants to create.  maybe it’s just that there are more musicians in japan, but, whatever it is, he des envy that.

in another BTS clip, we follow jong-wan and jung-hoon as they go look for instruments, and jong-wan says, “i think there aren’t enough instruments in korea.  the things i want to buy …even when i go on websites and look for them, there aren’t many.”


(okay, so that wasn’t really a story, but whatever.  keep in mind this was from 2008.)

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