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Mar 14
[14.03.01] drunken talk

Mar 08

bana-jm-yt asked: Out of all the instruments that they have do you know what is the favourite instrument of each member? They really really have a lot of instruments! ;")

i don’t know the answer to this question; can i offer you a story instead?

in the making dvd from the trace, there’s an interview part, and, in it, they talk about performing at summer sonic in japan in 2008.  in relation to that, they also briefly discuss how things are different music-wise in japan versus korea — jong-wan says that he does envy that about japan, that it’s set up to help musicians more and give them better access to a wider variety of (and maybe even to better) instruments.  it can be hard to find what he wants in korea, to be able to capture the sound he wants to create.  maybe it’s just that there are more musicians in japan, but, whatever it is, he des envy that.

in another BTS clip, we follow jong-wan and jung-hoon as they go look for instruments, and jong-wan says, “i think there aren’t enough instruments in korea.  the things i want to buy …even when i go on websites and look for them, there aren’t many.”


(okay, so that wasn’t really a story, but whatever.  keep in mind this was from 2008.)

Mar 08

Anonymous asked: won't you translate KBS Cool FM show? :( please do the English translation :(

jjoongie will be on a six-hour flight across the US on sunday and will work on a translation then.  it might not be one of the radio shows because she also has something from the naver listening event she wants to work on (it has fun stuff in it, she promises), but it’ll be something from the promotions for newton’s apple.  she’ll post it on her translation blog and reblog it here some time next week!

she will eventually get to the radio shows, but she’s also kinda busy at the moment and will be traveling next week, so please be patient!  thanks!  :3

(luckily, long cross-country flights usually mean some translating gets done.  i don’t know why i wrote this in third person.  what a weirdo.)

Mar 02
Christmas in Nell's Room 2013

Mar 02

Anonymous asked: Just wanna ask... are all of them still single?? Or is any of them already married?? ;)

jae-won’s married — been married a while actually — and has a daughter, eun-seo.  as far as we know, the other three are single.

(here’s a funny little bit, when nell appeared on you and i in 2012, the hosts [jung jae-hyung and lee hyori] asked if they were dating anyone.  jae-kyung replied that he personally wasn’t seeing anyone, and they all laughed and were like, “…are you supposed to date as a team?” as jae-kyung tries to defend himself by saying, “i don’t know if the other members are.”

that was also the appearance where jong-wan said he likes to buy kitchen things.  he has no qualms dropping basically the equivalent of the price of a car on an instrument, thinking about it for maybe 30 minutes, but, when it comes to something like pots or frying pans, he’ll go back and forth for days.  most recently, via home shopping, he bought this device that’s a mixer and a salad strainer and an onion dicer … and jung jae-hyung was like, “… are you having a banquet???” as hyori comments on the disconnect of nell wearing black suits and talking about … a device that dices onions.)


(also, according to jae-kyung, jong-wan makes pasta really well, specifically “white-coloured pasta.”

hyori:  ” … you mean, cream pasta …?”)

Feb 27
[14.02.27] daum music

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